Angel Tree – Love beyond the bars

Angel Tree is a faith-based Prison Fellowship program. The program allows parents in prison to send a Christmas gift to their children. By giving parents a chance to send presents to their children, the Angel Tree program aims to restore and strengthen their relationships and spread festive cheer.

Our Involvement

The RED Group was moved by the program's commitment to bringing hope back into the lives of families. Angel Tree spreads connection through the community, one family at a time. Being advocates of helping communities and big fans of the festive season, we decided to work with Angel Tree to help to make Christmas more special:

The gift of giving

The Really Epic Dog Group (Salt Lake City) office ‘adopted’ families who have parents behind bars. The incarcerated parents wrote to the team to give them ideas of what gifts their children may enjoy for Christmas.

Santa’s little helpers

The RED Group team went shopping for gifts from the parents’ recommendations. We put together gift packages that we delivered to the children on behalf of their parents in prison.

Packaged with love

The packages included gifts, winter clothes or food items that they could enjoy over Christmas. Each package also included a gospel in English or Spanish. The gifts were delivered to the children, making them feel included and reminding them they’re loved.