St Andrews Community Network – A catalyst for hope

St Andrews Community Network is an independent, Liverpool-based charity that helps to make the local community a better place through activities and events. From providing family support and wellbeing services to offering money management advice and running volunteering programmes, St Andrews Community Network is a force for good.

The charity also seeks to partner with different organizations to spread their impact to other communities in need, aiming to put models in place that support vulnerable locals.

Our Involvement

The Really Epic Dog Group was impressed with the charity’s great pride in offering hope to those who need it most. We wanted to get involved with St Andrews Community Network to remind our staff how fortunate they are and allow them to interact with a local community they don’t see every day. We thought the best way to do this was to volunteer at North Liverpool Foodbank, which St Andrews Community Network is the organising body for:


Our Laduma staff spent a day in West Derby, helping the North Liverpool Foodbank to sort through food and products that had been donated.

Christmas spirit

As it was during Christmas time, there was a large number of donations. Laduma helped the volunteers with the labour-intensive task of sorting the donations, preventing them from becoming overwhelmed.

Epic efficiency

Laduma unloaded crates of food, determined the number of donations and came up with categories for donations so that volunteers could organize donations as efficiently as possible. Our staff worked through just under two tonnes of food in one day!