Really Epic Dog’s latest and most exciting project will gather fresh momentum this weekend with a ground-breaking ceremony taking place on site in the Nambiti ‘Big Five’ Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

Having purchased land in the malaria-free, KwaZulu-Natal reserve at the end of 2019, RED has pushed ahead with plans for a world-leading luxury game reserve during the Covid-19 pandemic working closely with acclaimed Durban-based architect Dean Jay and his team. With plans approved both by the local authority and the reserve, the project is ready to begin construction. But before the contractors move on to site next week to begin the huge undertaking of making the plans into a reality, key members of the team will gather for a ceremonial breaking of ground celebration on Saturday, while respecting Covid-19 guidelines.

“This is such an exciting moment for us and a key marker post on what has already been an incredible journey,” said Wayne Scholes, Chief Executive Office of RED. “I am devastated that neither I or my team here can be in South Africa in person to mark this moment, but that won’t detract what I know will be a momentous occasion for those who can. This site and this project is more than just a business venture to me. I care deeply about the country, the communities around the reserve and the friends we have there.

“By pushing on with this project during the pandemic, we are showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel for this incredible country and investing in tourism because we know people will always want to come to South Africa, immerse themselves in the incredible natural beauty there is there and embrace the warmth of the welcome you always get when you arrive. I couldn’t be prouder of what we are doing.”

The event will be live streamed on Instagram.

While Really Epic Dog Group already has a strong presence in Africa, this will see the group expand into a completely new industry. The Group’s President Ben Smith also spoke of his belief in the project.

“We are a diverse and dynamic group of businesses and we always challenge our companies to do exceptional things,” he said. “The Homestead is unquestionably our most ambitious and exciting project to date. We don’t do things by halves and when people see on Saturday what we are working on and the incredible site we are developing, I am sure they will understand why we are all so incredibly excited.”