The Homestead

Nestled amid 23,000 acres in the breath-taking Nambiti Big Five Private Game Reserve in South Africa, The Homestead will be a truly world-leading luxury game lodge which will deeply impact our guests from the moment they arrive, to long after they’ve left.

We invite you to leave your busy days behind and discover the peaceful allure of The Homestead, a place where you can both lose yourself and find the space to remember who you really are. We will offer you immersive and integrated experiences that bring together South African culture, nature, community, history and stories in unforgettable ways that will deeply impact you from the moment you arrive—and long after you’ve left.


The Homestead is a place that will stir the soul, fire up the imagination and spark a deeper sense of curiosity in everyone who visits. The resort set against the backdrop of the humbling, natural beauty and wonder of South Africa. Its architecture is undeniably modern, yet timeless and purposely designed to seamlessly blend into the landscape.

Every part of The Homestead has been designed to help the guests understand the impact they can have in every moment. Through all the experiences we offer, we help our guests discover how all of us as individuals have the potential to positively impact our own lives, the lives of others around us and the world we all live in. Our knowledgeable, passionate game rangers will take our guests on an immersive journey to explore everything from the Big Five to the smallest details in this remarkable ecosystem.

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Brent Jansen Van Rensburg

Head Ranger/Battlefield Guide

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Lauren Reynolds

Head of Marketing

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Tommy Pickersgill

Lead Software Developer

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Sasha Powell

Hospitality Manager

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Dave Telford

Client Representative


Our selection of luxurious private villas are well-suited for celebrity retreats, romantic getaways, family adventures or peaceful solo hideaways, featuring outdoor showers, private infinity pools and skylights to view the African night sky. As a zero-impact lodge, every element, both big and small, effortlessly combines luxury and sustainability, from our state-of-the-art electric Land Cruisers to solar panels which help power the lodge.  The Homestead will be a conscious luxury lodge, on the one hand offering you a truly unparalleled and opulent experience but balancing that with a corporate social responsibility (CSR), outreach and schools strategy, which will focus on not only helping the local community but will aim to ‘bring the reserve’ to inner-city schools and disadvantaged young people to allow them experience the wonder of Nambiti and help them understand their ability to make a positive impact on the world around.


Really Epic Dog Group CEO Wayne Scholes visits Nambiti Game Reserve for the first time and falls in love with the place.


Really Epic Dog Group Purchases land in Nambiti Game Reserve on the historic site of The Homestead ruins.


Really Epic Dog Group breaks ground and begins construction on The Homestead.


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The Homestead Lodge