7 Elite Academy Welcomes Crystal Soderquist as New Full-Time Coaching Co-Ordinator

We are thrilled to announce that award-winning coach Crystal Soderquist has joined 7 Elite Academy as the full-time Coaching Co-Ordinator for our Southern Utah region. Starting next month, Crystal will oversee coaching appointments and administrative tasks in St. George, collaborating closely with Stuart Dewey, our full-time Technical Co-Ordinator.

Crystal’s impressive track record speaks for itself. Having guided the 7 Elite Academy 2011 and 2006 Girls South teams to numerous tournament victories, she was honored as Coach of the Year by the Utah Youth Soccer Association in 2023. Her expertise and dedication make her a valuable addition to our growing team.

A Strategic Expansion

Crystal’s appointment is a pivotal part of our broader expansion plan in Southern Utah. This week alone, hundreds of new aspiring young players have participated in our tryouts, signaling a significant growth in our academy’s footprint.

7 Elite Academy is a global youth soccer institution, boasting thousands of players at training facilities and colleges in Utah, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Crystal’s role will be crucial in nurturing and developing young talent in this vibrant and expanding soccer community.

Crystal’s Vision

Expressing her enthusiasm, Crystal said, “I am so excited to take up this role and it is a dream job for me. Being able to think about and plan soccer full time is a fantastic opportunity. 7 Elite Academy is a great environment for me to build lasting relationships with parents and share with them our long-term vision for player development here in Southern Utah.”

She emphasized the importance of these relationships, stating, “That relationship is so important to us and of course the players themselves. We want them to take full advantage of the pathways and opportunities we have in place.”

Having been a dedicated coach with 7 Elite Academy since 2020, Crystal believes the current expansion will attract even more teams and players. “I am very excited for the new season and the opportunities for new and returning players. The key is to have fun with soccer and embrace all the challenges that come your way,” she added.

Building a Bright Future

Anthony Godfrey, 7 Elite Academy Global Director, shared his confidence in Crystal’s new role, saying, “Crystal is the ideal fit for the role of Coaching Co-Ordinator here in Southern Utah. She cares deeply about the development of young people within soccer and how they use that experience to enrich their lives and wider communities.”

He continued, “Crystal is also a great communicator and builds productive relationships with parents and fellow coaching staff. That is so important for 7 Elite Academy moving forwards. Working alongside Southern Utah Technical Co-Ordinator Stuart Dewey, she will help to build an inspirational and productive environment for youth soccer players in the region.”

As we welcome Crystal to her new role, we look forward to seeing the positive impact she will have on our academy and the wider soccer community in Southern Utah. Her passion, experience, and commitment to youth development perfectly align with our mission at 7 Elite Academy, and we are excited about the future.

Join us in congratulating Crystal Soderquist on her new position and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and develop young soccer talent.